We were right! Equals is filming at Marina Barrage. To read about how we figured that one out, read our post below.


So we’ve told you about the various locations in Singapore where Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart have been filming the Equals And thanks to the stalking skills of Hand of the Geek Gillian Ang, we’ve found what looks like the next location.

Are you ready for this?

Here we go:  A Hollywood movie is filming at the Marina Barrage on 15 Sep (Monday) from 6am – 8pm. This information comes courtesy of the PUB website, and the link can be found here.


Equals movie shooting location

But is the Hollywood movie EQUALS?

Now, we actually called Marina Barrage to ask about this – and they haven’t a clue which movie it is! They simply know that they have to prepare the area for the shoot. They also confirmed that the public will still get intermittent access to the area –  including the filming site.

You may not know this but there are  actually TWO (!) Hollywood movies filming in Singapore right now – Equals and  The Faith of Anna Waters. The Faith of Anna Waters was originally named Email and had Nikki Reed tied to the film. However, Nikki Reed (cry, TwiHards – we could have had Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed in Singapore at the same time!) had to drop out of the movie due to a scheduling conflict. Mad Men star Elizabeth Rice, has replaced Nikki Reed, and together with Band of Brothers‘ Matthew Settle are currently filming in Singapore.

So which movie is filming at Marina Barrage?

Based on the various posts of director Drake Doremus and other crew members on instagram during their site visit, we reckon that Equals is gonna be the movie shooting at Marina Barrage. Marina Barrage looks sci-fi-(ish) and also, the view from its green roof seems to match the photos the crew had. So in other words – We think Equals will film at the Marina Barrage


Photos we got from the crews’ instagram

instagram from johngules and doogannash


Some shots of the Marina Barrage

Source: http://lightslant.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/dpp_2514.jpg
Marina Barrage – Ramp © www.news.gov.sg


And that’s that. Do tell us how you get on when you go chasing Nic and KStew. Excites!

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