Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart in Singapore
Photo source: @_ATRH

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So Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart are currently shooting the Equals movie in Singapore, and the entire female teenage population of the island is now hyperventilating, judging by the number of tweets and messages asking us if we know where they’ll be.

Here’s the truth: we’ve encountered Nic Hoult and KStew up close, and so have many other fans. Here’s a quick summary of where they’ve been spotted filming.

One North MRT station

This really was down to blind luck: a random, casual comment left on our blog about a late night shoot at an MRT station literally minutes from our home, which had us scrambling out of the flat.

We came up the escalator from the train, and there he was: Nicholas Hoult, dressed all in white, plugged in to his MP3 player and presumably preparing himself for a scene. So we ran up to him to ask for a photo – and he promptly declined.

But Beast was exceedingly polite about it, explaining that he wasn’t allowed to take photos while in costume. He then shook our hands (a Beast-like grip, you might say!) and wished us a good afternoon. (The late nights and the jet lag must be taking their toll – he had forgotten that it was near midnight).

The set was very lightly secured, and we wandered freely around before the crew members noticed us. We spotted Kristen and several extras (all in white too), but as you can see, we didn’t quite manage clear or good shots.

What then followed was a conversation with two female members of the crew that started off politely before descending into a bizarre, somewhat hysterical argument. They asked to see my phone to ensure that I hadn’t taken any photos of the set. I’m not in the habit of showing my phone to strangers (especially strangers who have no authority over me), so I said no.

As the minutes ticked by, their tone became increasingly aggressive and confrontational. One claimed that I could be sued if I released any photos, while the other threatened to call the police. But in the spirit of the movie – about two star-crossed lovers rebelling against tyranny – I stood my ground. Besides, my photos really showed nothing.

After about 10 minutes, they stalked off angrily, with the older of the two yelling: “You’re going to break my rice bowl! I leave it to your conscience!”

Well auntie, you know what would really break your rice bowl? If your movie got no publicity and no one went to watch it. =P Besides, other people online have already posted far more images of the set.

Here’s a few more shots of One North. We reckon that the clean, sterile look of it fits in very well with a movie about a dystopian society. And judging by the ‘gantries’ that we saw, the characters must be moving in and out of some compound.

Henderson Bridge

Thank you, social media and the Internets. Without Instagram and Twitter, we would never have figured out that a shoot took place at Henderson Bridge just two days ago. Ironically, it was the crew that sent out this post.

If you’re not from Singapore, here’s a few more shots of Henderson Waves to give you a better idea of what the area looks like. It really is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon, and more than deserves its place in a Hollywood movie.


XX Hotel

Okay, so this isn’t a shooting location, but it’s still worth documenting.

Another case of dumb luck: we were in the area and happened to be sitting in the lobby, when Kristen and Nic turned up in quick succession, within minutes of each other. We tried for a photo with Kristen, only to be shouted down by her very aggressive minder with an emphatic “NO!!” Kristen herself didn’t seem up for it either, so we backed off.

That kind of shook us, so we didn’t quite dare to ask Nic to take a shot. The minder even stalked around and gave us the stink eye, as if we might somehow do harm to her ward by our very presence. :((

In the end, Gillian gushed to Nic that she loved him in Warm Bodies (2013), then ran off like a bashful schoolgirl when he gave her a thumbs up. But we did manage to take a couple of shots from afar:

Reflections@Keppel Bay

This is one of the most upmarket, high-end condominiums in Singapore. And the residents got themselves an eyeful of Nic and Kristen yesterdy, especially the lady who captured these shots.

And that’s that. We’ll be updating as and when we find out where the Equals movie is shooting. But we’re going to leave you with a little surprise:

Equals movie in Singapore











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