Agent 47 poster photoshop fail

I’m sure you’ll have realised it too: The Hitman: Agent 47 poster is an EPIC FAIL. And after thrilling us with all the Singapore landmarks and brands in its trailer too, like a failed assassination attempt by Quinn.

At first glance, the poster has all the right Singapore Tourism Board-sanctioned landmarks: The Singapore Flyer, Art Science Museum, the Esplanade. Then it goes horribly wrong.

WHY? Because when you take a second look, it appears that the poster designers took a list of Singapore landmarks and stuck them all over the poster with no regard for accuracy.

Given that they were reportedly given a hefty subsidy by MDA to film here, you’d think there might have been some money available to download Google Maps. Oh wait: It’s free.

STB and all of Singapore are crying right now. Let us tell you why.

What the Hitman:Agent 47 poster got wrong

hitman_agent_forty_seven_xxlg_with names2

1) The Supreme Court is NOT next to the Esplanade


REPEAT after me:

  • The Supreme Court and the Esplanade are near but NOT next to each other. They have this giant field called the Padang in between them.
  • The Esplanade is on the right of the court and not the other way round.
  • The Esplanade’s (V shape) points towards the Singapore River and not the new Supreme Court

2) Conrad Centennial Hotel is NOT next to the Supreme Court(s)

Even though the designers erased Conrad’s name from the poster, its distinctive facade makes it fairly recognisable.

Fact :Conrad Centennial Hotel is next to Suntec City (see picture on the right), and NOT the  Supreme Court.


2) Marina Bay gets land-filled with buildings

Marina Bay is filled with water. Also when PUB asked us to save water, I don’t think they meant that we should remove all the water from Marina Bay and store it in, I don’t know, the buildings.


3) Marina Bay Sands hotel went from WOW to WHAT?!!

Why on earth did  our (in)famous icon get replaced with a nondescript high rise building?


4) Helix Bridge gets chopped. Roads are replaced with buildings.

Hitman-agent47-poster-error-helix bridge

 5) Roads are relocated from the front to the end of Shoppes@Marina Bay Sands

This borders on the seriously ridiculous. Why was there a need to flip the roads around? And can anyone identify what road they photoshopped into the poster??

Hitman-agent47-poster-error- bridge6) Singapore Flyer flew to the wrong location. Or not.


The Singapore Flyer location would actually be correct if we a) use the Esplanade as a point of reference and b) ignore the fact that the buildings in between the Flyer and the Esplanade are all wrong.

But let’s pretend that our point of reference is the Art Science Museum/Helix Bridge. Then the Flyer would be in the wrong location: It should be much nearer to Agent 47.

Either way, the cityscape as portrayed is wrong.

In conclusion: You got it so, so wrong, Hitman: Agent 47 producers.

UPDATE: It’s been pointed out by a couple of readers that the buildings were rearranged to form the Hitman logo, and that it’s just a Hollywood movie that shouldn’t be taken too easily. We are aware and we agree, but still…

What’s your take on the Hitman: Agent 47 poster, geeks? Tell us!