Hitman: Agent 47
“Don’t worry Hannah, I’ll take you to MPH later.” ©20th Century Fox

Have you gotten over the buzz of seeing Singapore’s landmarks in the Hitman: Agent 47 movie trailer yet? I know I haven’t.

While re-watching the trailer for the 346th time, I spotted six Singapore brands that had their two seconds of fame. Did you spot them too?

1Comfort Delgro


Fun fact : Bus 167 does drive through the CBD area, but it doesn’t travel down Robinson Road. It’s actual service route goes past Cecil Road, which is the road parallel to Robinson.

3MPH bookstores

We spotted the MPH logo at least five times in the trailer. I don’t know about you, but I feel a strong urge to visit MPH and buy some books each time I watch the trailer. This is subliminal advertising at its best!

But if Agent 47 ends up encouraging Singaporeans to read more, we should all be grateful for that. This might just be the savior all bookstores were hoping for.

4OUE limited

There were so many buildings with neon logos in this frame, and yet only one logo was visible: OUE. I think OUE should pay their neon logo designer a bonus.


6Uncle Sam’s Claypot