He couldn’t believe how many people had turned up to watch the movie. ©Warner Bros

Ker-ching-ching ching! That’s what we’ve all been fighting for in Middle Earth, y’all: an opening weekend North American box office of US$90 million for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

The movie has earned an estimated US$56.2 million Stateside since Friday, and a total North American haul of $90.6 million since opening on Wednesday.

By comparison, last year’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (see our review) opened to $73.6 million, while the trilogy’s first film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, opened to $84.6 million in its first weekend.

But as The Hollywood Reporter notes – the first two Hobbit films opened on a Friday versus “Five Armies” five-day opening. Nevertheless, it’s sure to make much and many more money.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
“Am I pretty enough for $90m then?” ©New Line Cinema

As you’ll have seen from our review, we weren’t terribly impressed by The Battle of the Five Armies. Which is a real shame, considering how many magical moments the original LOTR trilogy produced.

When I think of the LOTR movies, I think of Aragorn urging Theoden: “Ride out and meet them!” Or Eowyn snarling at the Witch-king of Angmar: “I am no man!” Or the moment when Frodo volunteers to bear the Ring to Mordor, sending genuine shivers up and down my spine.

Right now, when I think of The Hobbit, all I can picture is Legolas Super Mario jumping off that bridge. Ah well.

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  • Honestly it was sad to watch this. Compared to the first movie the dialogue was so one dimensional and the script seemed void of ideas. The numerous one liners that end scenes that didn’t need to be played out and plain horrible graphics like legolas jumping. Martin Freeman was a saving grace for an otherwise poor adaptation of a legendary story.

    • Let’s all go home and watch our LOTR DVDS! – nic

    • 9hour marathon to rid the memory of this movie! I’m in

    • I tried watching the director’s cuts all at one go before. Too long sial – nic

  • springer85

    To the guy below STOP CRYING!
    The moment it was turned in to a trilogy you should have known it would be filled with nonsense and filler.
    Smaug was the BEST part of the book NOT the battle and why DOS is the highest rated and has the most critical acclaim!
    PJ made the LOTR for the fans and critical acclaim hence why he won 13 Oscars.
    PJ made the Hobbit for money and zero critical acclaim DEAL WITH IT!
    AUEJ…..1.2 Billion
    DOS……980 Million
    TBOFA…350 Million so far already!
    Turning this in to a trilogy has worked wonders for the studio and for them was the perfect thing to do!
    In this day and age what ever studios say goes and why PJ agreed to do a 3rd film.
    The problem with these films is that they are the right movies made in the wrong time.
    HFR is the future of cinema for not for at least another 5-10 years when HFR will be optional for every movie made.
    The Hobbit films were judged automatically due to how they did not look as good as the LOTR films which was pathetic.
    Why would PJ use the same direction he did with movies he made 13 years ago with these films?
    At least PJ has the balls to try something new just like James Cameron, other directors are scared to try anything new.
    Avatar 2 3 and 4 will also use HFR!