IT sequel
They can’t get rid of him that easily! Pennywise will be back in IT: Chapter Two, the sequel to the new film adaptation of the Stephen King novel. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

You haven’t seen the last of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Several entertainment sites are reporting that the studio is moving forward with plans for the second movie based on Stephen King’s sprawling 1,000-page novel.

Those who are familiar with King’s 1986 bestseller and the 1990 cult television miniseries know that the story is told through two main timelines that intertwine –  in the 1980s when the seven friends of The Losers’ Club are prepubescent teens, and 27 years later when the kids are all grown up.

For the latest film adaptation IT (see my review), director Andy Muschietti and the writers have separated the different timelines into two parts, with the current movie focusing on the action in the 1980s. At the very end, the title card reads IT: Chapter One which confirms that a sequel is being planned.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gary Dauberman, one of the writers of IT, has quietly closed a deal to work on a script for the sequel while Muschietti is said to be waiting in the wings to return.

IT sequel
Who do you think should be cast as grown up versions of The Losers’ Club? Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures.

The question on everyone’s minds: who will be cast as the seven friends in their adulthood? In an interview with Variety, Muschietti said that he would love to cast Jessica Chastain as the grown up Beverly Marsh, who was wonderfully played by burgeoning actress Sophia Lillis.

The other child actors who portrayed the kids of The Losers’ Club were frequently asked at press interviews to name the actors they’d love to see play the adult versions of their characters. They suggested established Hollywood actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Pratt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and even former Saturday Night Live comedian Bill Hader.

In any case, an IT sequel is a no-brainer considering how well IT is performing at the box office worldwide. In the US, the movie opened at a record-breaking US$123 million over the weekend of September 8, making it one of the highest grossing R-rated debuts in history. And in Singapore, it shot up to the number one spot with a box office receipt of SG$836,353.

The studio is planning for a 2019 release for IT: Chapter Two.

Are you excited about the IT sequel? Who do you think should play the adult Losers’ Club?