Ben Affleck
The BvS reviews made him sad. Very sad. ©Warner Bros

What a change a year (or two) makes. Once universally derided (including us) as a poor choice to play Batman, Ben Affleck has now been officially confirmed as the star and director of a solo Batman movie.

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Warner Bros. chief Kevin Tsujihara made the announcement at CinemaCon yesterday, noting that the studio has committed to 10 DC films within the next five years. The move to hand the keys to the Bat kingdom over to Affleck has been in the works since last July, when it had initially seemed a done deal.

It’s also a sign of the confidence that Warners has in Affleck, especially given that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ( see our review) is now plummeting faster than a speeding bullet at the box office. It was reported by The Hollywood Reporter last month that Affleck had written his own Batman script with a “very cool idea”, but it’s unclear if that will be the script his movie is based on.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
“What about my solo movie?” ©Warner Bros

Affleck’s certainly got lots of pedigree as a filmmaker, having won an Oscar for Argo (2012) and gaining critical acclaim for The Town (2010) and Gone Baby Gone (2007). All three movies focused heavily on storytelling and characterisation, with minimal special effects.

So there is lots of hope that he will make a much better movie than Zack Snyder, with a coherent plot, sympathetic characters and plot twists that make at least a modicum of sense. Let’s just hope Snyder stays far, far away from the movie.

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