Looking decidedly more friendly without her whip.
Looking decidedly more friendly without her whip.

Jessica Henwick, who plays Nymeria Sand on HBO’s Game Of Thrones, was in town this week to promote the season finale, Mother’s Mercy.

The actress, apart from her role as Oberyn Martell’s second daughter, is also a fan of both the books and the TV show, and gave us her own thoughts on the series, which ends with a simulcast on HBO Asia tomorrow at 9am.

Warning: There be spoilers ahead.

On Brienne of Tarth…

JH: “I think probably the most noble (women) is Brienne of Tarth. She’s one of my favourite female characters. She’s probably the person you should most look up to.”

“I’d be interested to see what would happen in a fight with Nymeria and someone like Brienne.”

"Try whipping this, Sand Snake."
“Try whipping this, Sand Snake.”

Brienne vs Nymeria? I’ll place my bet on the Valyrian steel, sorry. I still like you, Nym.

On Cersei Lannister…

JH: “I love Cersei. I also hate her at the same time. Her arc this season is really cool.”

Book readers will have a bit of an idea of what she’s talking about.

On Oberyn Martell…

JH: “I love Oberyn so seeing his death was painful. And if I were his daughter, I would probably want to kill the person who had done that to him.”

He would probably have had the worst headache in the world... if he'd survived.
“Dear Dad, why did you talk so much?”

So, Nymeria vs the Mountain?

On her favourite characters…

JH: “My favourite male character? Well that’s hard, they’re all dead.”

“My favourite surviving male character? Tyrion.”

If you're lucky, Tyrion might even save your life.
If you’re lucky, Tyrion might even save your life.

Everyone loves the Imp. Tyrion Lannister for President of Westeros.

On who would eventually win the Iron Throne…

JH: “I think the Iron Throne is going to become redundant because of the White Walkers.”

"Your Iron Throne is too hard for my butt."
“Your Iron Throne is too hard for my butt.”

We’d like to think the Night’s King agrees.

On who she’d like her character to meet…

JH: “Tyrion, 100 per cent.”

Good choice. Grumpy Geek approves.

And not meet…

JH: “I don’t want to meet Reek… I don’t think that will be particularly good for me.”

“I don’t want my character to meet Cersei because that would end badly. Cersei would just eat her like a praying mantis.”

"Did you just compare me to an insect?"
“Did you just compare me to an insect?”

Also good choices.

On the way the show has progressed…

JH: “It’s a show that isn’t afraid to turn things on its head. You think a character’s safe and then… they’re gone. It keeps you on your toes.”

Hmm. Sounds like a pretty ominous warning…

On when she’s starting again on Game of Thrones filming…

JH: “The show films July to December everywhere.” Nervous laughter.

Game of Thrones
“I don’t know if we’ll be around in Season 6…”

That sounds even more ominous than the last one…

On meeting Nymeria the dire wolf and where her character will go…

JH: “You think my character is going to meet the wolf? *laughs* “Nymeria-Nymeria stand off?”

“I really can’t wait for you guys to watch episode ten so I can talk freely about it. I know where she goes in the books, but where she goes in the TV series? No idea.”

I imagine there will be much Twitter outrage tomorrow morning. George RR Martin and friends are preparing to feast on our tears. You have been warned.

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