Jessica Jones

So here’s the bright, shiny new logo for AKA Jessica Jones, the newest Netflix series based on a Marvel character.

And showrunner Melissa Rosenberg’s comments to reporters give us much heart for the tone of the series:

“It goes all the way dark. The tone that Brian Michael Bendis set is what attracted me to the project in the first place. It was very gritty and real and we just keep going with that.”

In the comics, Jones is a foul-mouthed private eye with a troubled past, so we’re hopeful that the series will be as noir as noir gets.

Rosenberg also says the story will touch on Jones’ previous role as a costumed superhero – does this mean we might see Krysten Ritter (who plays Jones) in a unitard?

Now, here’s the real kicker: Rosario Dawson’s Daredevil character Clarie Temple, will be showing up on the series!

 “I think I’m allowed to say: Rosario Dawson will be dropping in. Smaller characters that populated that world will be popping in.”

Claire Temple
“I’m sorry, Rosario – we don’t have any more cookies.” ©ABC

Rosenberg also stressed that the show will be very much character based:

“It’s about the character, it’s about her emotional arc. And she’s not a ninja. She never studies martial arts. She’s a brawler. You piss her off and boom! You’re down!… She’s not out to save the city. She’s out to make rent.”

Jesssica Jones will debut on Netflix later in the year.

Source: Entertainment TonightComic Book Resources, Heroic Hollywood