Johnny Depp, Dr Strange
Source: Crack

Here’s more Marvel casting news – Marvel Studios is reportedly eyeing Johnny Depp for the lead in a Doctor Strange movie, the Sorcerer Supreme.

According to the ever reliable Latino Review, the 50 year old recently took a meeting with Marvel to discuss playing the role of Strange. Depp is a comic book fan who is reportedly very interested in making a Marvel movie. And it just so happens that he is very much in the good books of Marvel’s owner Disney – the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has made billions worldwide.

Doctor Strange

While Depp has signed on for another Pirates film, it is believed they would shift that production around if he does play Strange. It would also require a bit of tweaking – the original script called for  a 30-year-old  Strange. Disney announced two new Marvel movies in 2016 and 2017 some time back, so Doctor Strange could well be one of them.

Nothing’s confirmed yet, of course, but given Latino Review’s track record, I’d give this story

What do you think – would Johnny Depp make a good Doctor Strange?