"I'm The Punisher, Rick! Grrr!" Credit: Gene Page/AMC
“I’m The Punisher, Rick! Grrr!” Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Better watch out, Matt – Shane’s coming after you!

The Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal, who stole hearts and divided audiences as the bad boy Shane, has been cast as Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher.

Jason Statham was apparently in the mix to play the latest iteration of Frank Castle as well, but Marvel has now gone with Bernthal.

According to Marvel.com“He is a vigilante who aims to clean up New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen by any means necessary, no matter how lethal the results.”

Oh yes, and he uses lots of guns.

©Marvel Comics
©Marvel Comics

Before the adaptation rights reverted to Marvel, The Punisher was played by Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson respectively, with sorta mixed results.

Bernthal, who was also in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), has certainly got the charisma to play such a dark character.

Guns vs billy club? Better watch out, Matt.

Source: Marvel.com 

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