Doctor Strange
“Make….mine….Marvel!” ©Marvel Studios

Good news, Cumberbitches – Doctor Strange is going to feature in “many upcoming films, including the next Avengers films”, according to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

We already know that Stephen Strange a.k.a. the Sorcerer Supreme will be in Avengers: Infinity War, and it’s further confirmation of his wider role in the MCU. Feige also told Entertainment Weekly that “Doctor Strange plays a very, very important role in the [Marvel] Cinematic Universe going forward.”

It makes perfect sense, given the star power of Benedict Cumberbatch and the fact that Marvel were actually willing to adjust the movie’s release around Cumberbatch’s schedule. Current MCU stalwarts like Chris Evans are almost done with their contracts too, while RDJ almost didn’t sign on the dotted line for Civil War – it’s certainly worth Marvel’s while to hedge their bets and tie other big stars to long-term deals.

Also, Feige is just totes psyched about getting Cumbs on screen with RDJ:

“We were backstage together at an event, and I don’t know what it was, and it was long before Benedict was officially cast as Doctor Strange — it was something that we were dreaming about at that point. But I remember looking at Robert and Benedict, who of course have both played Sherlock in their highly successful franchises. But I was just sitting there quietly thinking, One day they’re both going to have goatees and be in one of our movies!”

The Doctor Strange Singapore release date has been set for October 27.