Doctor Strange review
“Too many white people, they say.” ©Marvel Studios

Unless you’ve been bound and determined to stay off the Internets, you’ll have heard at least some of the endless talk about the Doctor Strange whitewashing controversy. You can read my take on it in our movie review, but it should be noted that not everyone at Geek Crusade feels the same way.

In any event, Marvel Studios has clearly been paying attention to the backlash. Speaking to Vulture, studio head Kevin Feige said the company’s goal is to diversify the casts of its future movies as much as possible:

“In the movies we’ve already made, and certainly in the movies that are coming up, it will be as inclusive a group of characters as one could want. For us, it’s important that we don’t feel like a completely white, European cast.”

In fact, Feige says Spider-Man: Homecoming will be the most diverse Marvel film to date, in an attempt to reflect real-life US high schools. The next four Marvel releases also feature women of color as their leading female and/or love interests, including Homecoming‘s Zendaya and Tessa Thompson in Thor: Ragnarok.

While you’re at it Marvel, maybe you could put the Black Widow movie somewhere near the top of your to-do list?