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If you didn’t watch Kingsman: The Secret Service in the cinemas, then you missed out on one of the year’s most entertaining movies. (Check out our original 5-star review)

Luckily, it only takes a few months for movies to come out on DVD these days, which means that you can now see exactly what you missed. Or, if you’re like me, take the chance to watch the movie over and over (and over) again.

Kingsman is a movie that holds up very well with multiple viewings, mainly because of the lush interior sets — especially of the tailor’s shop — and the over-the-top action sequences that director Matthew Vaughn is so famous for.

He could sense an arse kicking coming on. ©20th Century Fox
Yup, still the prettiest. ©20th Century Fox

A movie full of sharply dressed men looks, fittingly, sharp and crisp on screen. With the exception of some glaringly obvious CGI in some scenes, the visuals presented are quite pleasing.

I spent quite a lot of time just marvelling at all the wonderful set details. Vaughn and his set designers have quite the eye for luxurious fabrics and furnishings, and it shows.

But the best bits are undoubtedly all the action sequences. The church scene and the fireworks display at the end look really spectacular, and there’s so much going on that each time you watch it, you notice something new.

DVD Extras:

“Panel to Screen: The Education of a 21st Century Super-Spy”, and three Image Galleries showing behind- the-scenes shots.

The extras, however, are a disappointment. There’s a ten minute behind-the-scenes interview with Vaughn and co-creator Mark Millar where they talk about bringing the comic to life, but that’s about it.

No, really. That’s all.

Oh, there’s also three image galleries, but who on earth actually looks at these things?

Still, that doesn’t detract from the fact that Kingsman is a top notch, entertaining romp that’s well worth watching again and again.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray.