Lego Batman Movie
Photo: Wong Jun Heng

The LEGO Batman Movie Escape Room experience at ION Orchard begins today and we managed to check it out!

The “escape room” concept is one where you are ‘trapped’ in an enclosed area and need to solve puzzles to get out within a certain time limit.

This one is geared towards the kids and the ‘puzzles’ are essentially LEGO building activities that you need to complete in the allotted time.

The first one requires you to build a Bat-logo on a baseplate which already has a white stencil for the kids to follow.

The brick tubs are filled with multi coloured bricks. It is possible to create a completely black Bat-logo, just not within the time limit, hence the colour uncoordinated one you see above.

After you complete that, you advance into the next room which requires you to build a ‘wall’ around the Joker to ‘stop’ him from escaping. This one definitely needs at least one more partner to complete as there is not enough time to do it by yourself.

Once the Joker is safely ‘contained’, you are ushered out of the room to have your photo taken against a backdrop of Batman capturing the Joker. There are a couple of Batman / Robin capes for your kids (or yourself) to wear.

Lego Batman Movie
Photo: Wong Jun Heng

Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes and the slots are are available every hour on the hour.

There is a sales section right at the exit of the escape room where every $88 spent will net you one highly sought-after LEGO Bat-Signal polybag.

If you spend $40, you are not entitled to the LEGO Batman polybag but there is a lucky dip which gives you a chance to win one of six other polybags which include Ninjago and Friends, City.

Photo: Wong Jun Heng

This offer is open to all LEGO sets so you are not restricted to buying just the LEGO Batman Movie sets to qualify.

I would suggest the new LEGO Chess (40174) set that retails at $99.90 (or any other set whose recommended retail price is $99.90) and costs $89.90 after the member discount – which is just slightly over the $88 needed to get yourself a Bat-Signal polybag.

There are also LEGO play areas for the kids and a lenticular LEGO mosaic painting of Batman and the Joker hanging off the wall for angled photo opportunities.

This post first appeared on Brickfinder. The Lego Batman Movie Escape Room Experience is on till February 18, while Lego Batman Movie premieres in Singapore on February 9.