Suicide Squad review
“We’re here to ruin your career, Mel.” ©Warner Bros

The rehabilitation of Mel Gibson, long ostracised in Hollywood for making anti-Semitic remarks, is almost complete. The 61-year-old is now being offered a poisoned chalice: The chance to helm the Suicide Squad sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the actor-director is currently in talks with Warner Bros and is familiarising himself with the material, but no official offer has been made. The studio is also considering other directors such as Daniel Espinosa, but Gibson’s commercial and critical success with Hacksaw Ridge (see our review) has clearly put him back on the map – the US$164 million box offoce gross and six Oscar nominations sure don’t hurt.

Suicide Squad (see our review) was directed by David Ayer and was panned by the critics. There were also many reports of a messy production, while Jared Leto a.k.a. The Joker was allegedly short-changed by the final cut. Nevertheless, the movie still made US$745 million worldwide.

But while Gibson is riding high on the success of Hacksaw Ridge, joining the DC Extended Universe might be ill-advised, considering the messy nature of its projects. As it is, he’s been offered several projects – including gritty crime indie Dragged Across Concrete with Vince Vaughn – and can take his pick.

Should Mel Gibson join the DCEU? Tell us your thoughts, geeks?