Just make her say "Hello Sweetie".
Just make her say “Hello Sweetie”.

After a season of teasing, a fan theory proven correct and a somewhat lame Cyber-Brigadier take down, it seemed Michelle Gomez’s Missy (couldn’t call her the Master now, could we) would have some unfinished business with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.

And…  she’s back! Anyone who saw Missy’s supposed death in A Death in Heaven could’ve told you that she’d be back. After all, the Master has survived much worse. It was always question of when, and in what form, so it’s a pleasant surprise  that Gomez will be reprising her role in the Doctor Who Season 9 opener.

She even had this little message for the fans.

Missy was certainly one of the more interesting characters of Season 8 (the season where Clara Oswald seemed unable to find herself), and her revelation to be the Doctor’s good friend turned nemesis was both expected and yet somewhat delightful at the same time.

Also, having the Master as a woman certainly opened up a fair number of avenues for the pair to get a little flirty, too, so I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Could we actually see TWO Time Lords (well, Time Lord and Time Lady) in the TARDIS for a while? We’ll just have to hang on until the series returns.

How do you feel about Michelle Gomez making a return to Doctor Who so quickly?