Michelle Williams
“Why don’t they want Ben to be Batman anymore, Casey?” Photo: Roadside Attractions/Amazon Studios

The Venom movie appears to be aiming really high, at least in terms of its cast. Following Tom Hardy’s casting as  Eddie Brock a.k.a. Venom, Variety is reporting that Oscar nominee Michelle Williams is now in talks to join the cast.

Variety says that Williams, last seen in the critically acclaimed Manchester by the Sea alongside Casey Affleck, will play a district attorney. The character may also be the love interest of Eddie Brock. Other actresses reportedly in contention for the role included House of Cards’ Kata Mara.

Michelle Williams is not typically associated with blockbusters, though she did star in Oz the Great and Powerful. She usually does arthouse and independent films like Brokeback Mountain, but this may be Williams’ attempt to increase her profile.

The cast already includes Riz Ahmed, who recently won an Emmy for his role in The Night Of. So it’ll either be awesome, or a complete car crash that badly affects the careers of several wonderful actors.

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