Mark Gatiss, Sherlock, BBC
“The Iron Throne’s gone missing, Sherlock. We need your help.” ©BBC

It’s official – Mark Gatiss a.k.a. Mycroft Holmes, will be playing one Tycho Nestoris in the forthcoming season of Game of Thrones.

Back in July, it had been revealed at Comic Con that Gatiss – who also serves as a writer on Sherlock – would have a role to play on the hugely popular medieval fantasy epic. At the time, the speculation had been that he would play a character like Mace Tyrell, but this revelation is most intriguing.

Tycho Nestoris is a representative of the Iron Bank of Braavos, which is much like House Lannister, in that it always pays its debts. Nestoris doesn’t appear in the books till A Dance With Dragons, but it’s worth remembering that both King’s Landing and the Iron Throne are heavily in debt to the Iron Bank.

I can definitely see Gatiss, who played slimy and slippery so well in Sherlock (sibilance!), excelling in the role of bureaucrat and debt collector. And while Nestoris is a relatively minor character in the books, what chance that Gatiss’ role will be beefed up to suit his stature?

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