The Agent 47 movie shoot is well underway in Singapore, with Zachary Quinto, Rupert Friend and Ciaran Hinds. We’ve previously posted some photos from the set – but yesterday, we decided to stake out the Robinson Road shoot for ourselves.

The day began at a certain Italian restaurant, which seems to have been reserved for daily meals for cast and crew, which we stumbled upon as we came out of the MRT. Gillian got a shot with Friend’s (stunt?) double, but it wasn’t to be our last encounter with the Homeland star.

We spotted Ciaran Hinds through the restaurant window, and waited patiently before he emerged through the entrance. Then we quickly went up to him to request a photo – only to realise that he was actually the King Beyond The Wall’s stand-in. Doh!!

The set wasn’t terribly well secured (though security tightened up as the day went by), and we managed to worm our way in and out of the set at various points. By the end, we were reduced to loitering on the fringes of the set – but we did manage to get some pretty good shots.

Sadly, we didn’t manage to see any of the stars. But judging by the position of the camera crane, and the number of office worker extras around, we reckon that they were actually filming indoors in the Afro Asia building. Here’s some wider shots of the set.

But that wasn’t the end of our stalking, as we decided to stake out the stars’ hotel. Ultimately, it was a fruitless wait, and we decided to go off after about an hour.

And literally as we were JUST about to walk out of the hotel driveway, Rupert Friend whizzed past us in an SUV and into the hotel car park! We were just too stunned to react, and Peter Quinn was gone before we knew it.

Here’s some more photos from Saturday’s shoot, as well as some videos from @LadyHida and @mackie_66

Here’s a few tweets describing the action as well.

And this video shows the stunt.



And that’s that. We hope to stake out the shoot again, but do tag us in your tweets and posts if you manage to spot the Agent 47  stars!