We still have EIGHT more months before Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out in December, and last week’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando only made fans’ hunger for MOAR news.

Thanks to SWC, we know now that the late, great Carrie Fisher’s swansong will be in Episode VIII and not IX, as previously reported. Mark Hamill also lamented that Luke and Han never got to share a final scene together, a sentiment we share.

Also – director Rian Johnson has been sharing some behind the scenes photos from The Last Jedi set. As one of only two people who were allowed to take photos while on set, Johnson’s photos offer a unique look into one of the most anticipated movie sequels in recent years.

There’s one of Carrie Fisher, another of the dashing Oscar Isaac in full costume as Poe Dameron, and a particularly evocative one of Andrew Daniels in a portion of his C-3PO suit.

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Photos like these will just have to do until they release the next trailer. Grrr.