Ryan Gosling
“You mean it won’t be like La La Land?” ©Warner Bros

Remember how Blade Runner was such a cheery barrel of laughs, full of sunshine and rainbows? Yeah, we don’t either. And its star Ryan Gosling is promising that the dark, dystopian tone of the original movie will continue in the long-gestating sequel.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly at CinemaCon, Gosling added that Blade Runner 2049 will not only continue in the same vein, it will take it further:

“It’s a continuation of the story, so if you’re a fan of the original film, it takes the original story and sort of follows that through. It’s the same iconic universe, but it’s changed over the course of the 30-year gap. It’s a lot more bleak in some ways. The director [Denis Villeneuve] describes it as toxic. But it’s still the Blade Runner universe.”

In case you needed reminding, Sir Ridley Scott’s original classic told the story of Deckard (Harrison Ford, who’s returning for the sequel), a bounty hunter tasked with hunting down five renegade replicants, or androids. Judging from the look of the first trailer, the noirish, mysterious vibe – not to mention the ENDLESS MIST – has survived intact.

Guess Ryan Gosling won’t be doing any singing in this one then, unlike in La La Land.

Blade Runner 2049 opens in Singapore on October 5.