You can’t keep a damned exorcist and master of the dark arts down forever.

Fans of the TV series Constantine have launched another petition to bring the show back from the dead after it was cancelled by NBC after one season.

"You've got a nice home here mate... please take me in."
“You’ve got a nice home here mate… please take me in.”

Citing the favourable reception from Matt Ryan’s appearance on CW’s Arrow last week, the petition aims to gather enough signatures to encourage networks to pick this series up for a continuation.

As of the time of this article, the petition has gathered over 12,000 signatures.

Personally, having watched the Constantine series after that crossover episode, I think it does have a fair bit of unexplored potential. Perhaps NBC was the wrong home for it, but I’m rooting for the CW to pick it up.

Since they’ve decided to include Constantine in the Arrowverse, it would seem like a good idea, plus they can get all those crossover episodes and nods to each other (like how Arrow and The Flash link up so nicely), not to mention Legends of Tomorrow.

And with a host of DC superheroes and villains with occult/magic roots… JUST DO IT ALREADY!

Think of all the possibilities!