The Singapore Zombie Walk returned on October 26 this year, with a horde of 253 walkers shuffling and stumbling their way through The Cathay. After our  first walk in Clarke Quay last year, we staged a zombie invasion of a shopping mall, our very own homage to George Romero’s classic Dawn of the Dead (1978). And it was all for charity too.

This time round, we had almost double the 131 people who turned up last year. There was a pre-event festival with musical performances, Wii gaming stations and prizes. And there were even goodie bags worth $65 for every participant, consisting of a bag of Halloween candy, one Cathay movie pass, an event T-shirt and an Airbnb travel voucher.

But it began in the afternoon with a mini-walk in Kaki Bukit, as my partner Gillian led 22 zombies to terrify young and old alike. Kaki Bukit Community Arts and Culture had asked us to bring the infection to the heartlands, and we duly obliged.

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.@gilllianang is the cheerleader who died #szw13

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#zombie kids at Kali bukit #szw13

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Meanwhile, I was stationed at The Cathay with our volunteers to sign in participants. They came in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the mildly zombified to ‘awwww’ to the bloody terrifying.

There was even a contingent of 20 people from Airbnb, who enthusiastically ripped up their company T-shirts (whether it was down to some repressed anger on their part, I don’t know) and bloodied and stained themselves.

Come 9pm, the undead all came together to take over the mall. Unfortunately, this is Singapore, so even the living dead need to be organised. The walk proceeded in two waves, kicked off by me.

Here’s a short video of the zombies shuffling along on their walk, taken by Lester Kok. Check out the two crawling zombie girls right at the end.

But the best part of the night – the food donations we collected on behalf of our charity partners Food Bank Singapore. The ‘admission fee’ for walkers this year was at least two cans of food, or two non-perishable items. But many participants brought much more than that, including Vixx Starlight and Jaellyneab, a group of K-pop fans who mobilised their members to make a bigger donation.

Many thanks to our partners The Cathay, Kaki Bukit Community Arts and Culture, Airbnb, Food Bank Singapore and of course, our great volunteers who gave up much of their time and effort to make the event a success. We’re going to try our best to keep this event free, but free events also cost money to stage. So please send your love to our sponsors The Cathay, People’s Association and Airbnb, and ask them to keep supporting us!

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