“Fancy a trip to Englishtown then, Kheng Hua?” Photo: Radio Times

Did you know that there’s an Englishtown in Singapore? Neither did we, but the producers of British comedy-drama Cold Feet apparently made this magical discovery while filming here last year.

In the most recent season of the popular ITV series, main character Adam Williams (The Hobbit star James Nesbitt) moves to Singapore after marrying a woman he met there. The production therefore spent some time filming here, and from the looks of it, cast local stars like Tan Kheng Hua as well.

But according to the show’s Daniel Mark Millar, who was speaking at London’s Visual Effects Festival, things didn’t quite work out for some key scenes.

“They actually did shoot this in Singapore, but for some reason they shot it in ‘Englishtown’. You know, we have a Chinatown in London, they have an Englishtown in Singapore. When we saw the rushes we thought they actually had filmed this in Manchester, but we only belatedly discovered they really did shoot it in Singapore.”


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But that’s not all. After filming in Englishtown, they then decided to use CGI to make it “look a bit more like Singapore”, said Millar. According to the Radio Times, this involved “changing English signs to Chinese, adding specific buildings into the background and removing both telltale road markings and British tourists.”

All of which sure confused us exotic Singaporeans:

Oh, Brits. Was it really that long ago that you lot colonised us? Other than the fact that THERE IS NO ENGLISHTOWN in Singapore, why would you think that the signs here are in Chinese, when our first language is ENGLISH?

Ah, well. I can’t wait to see where this Englishtown is supposed to be.