And then there were two.

Citing Sony sources, Birth. Movies. Death. says that the battle to become the next Spider-Man is now down to Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe.

An earlier report from Meet the Movie Press said that Asa Butterfield, earlier said to be the frontrunner for the role, was no longer in contention.

According to Heroic Hollywood: “Butterfield might have screwed up his deal by going on Reddit and replying to posts that were about him and the Spider-Man castings.” Hmmmmm.

"But it was supposed to be miiiiiiiine." ©Lionsgate
“But it was supposed to be miiiiiiiine.” ©Lionsgate

Both Holland and Rowe are 19, British and little known. They were apparently cut down from an initial field of six actors, including Butterfield.

Personally, I’m only really familiar with Butterfield because of his brilliant performance in Ender’s Game (2013).

But the wheels in Hollywood turn inexorably, so let’s wait and see which actor Sony and Marvel decides will help them make the most money.

Source: Comic Book Resources, Heroic Hollywood

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