Needless to say, this contains spoilers.

"He was a lot of fun." - Tyrion Lannister, Still Going Strong
“We’re all gonna die…”

Almost two weeks on, we’re still mourning the loss of our beloved door-stopper.

But that aside, HBO’s Game of Thrones seems to have given us a tantalising glimpse of Bran Stark’s powers.

So what could that mean for the world of Westeros and Essos, and how could the little Stark who knew too much (and grew up too fast) have an impact on the universe as we know it?

Photo: Helen Sloan / HBO
“I will rule the universe.” Photo: Helen Sloan / HBO

We all know the story of the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen, who stockpiled enough wildfire to make Kim Jong Un proud, then ordered the burning of his own people by setting King’s Landing ablaze.

“Burn them all,” Aerys repeatedly says in Bran’s vision. Well, nothing strange there except for a mad king, right?

Yes, unless you remember what Jaime Lannister told Brienne of Tarth a few seasons ago. Jaime, being the Kingslayer who ended Aerys before the command to burn everyone could be issued, told Brienne how the king wouldn’t stop saying “burn them all”, so he had to slit his throat. Sound familiar? Like, “hold the door” familiar?

Additionally, the series often mentions how Aerys heard voices. Well, maybe it was Bran talking a bit too much. After all, we can make a guess that a young Ned Stark heard him.

There’s also a scene from Bran’s visions of a cache of wildfire ripping through the tunnels, presumably under King’s Landing.

As mentioned above, Jaime stopped it from happening the last time, so is it possible that that’s a scene from a future episode of Game of Thrones? Perhaps, as the internet has offered up, a frustrated Cersei determined to have one last laugh at the High Sparrow?

We also go back to the first shocking death Game of Thrones ever treated us to – good old Eddard Stark, betrayed to the very end.

When we first saw the scene back in season one, Ned was looking up just before his head got chopped off, almost as if he was searching for someone. At the time, it seemed like he was looking for Arya, but perhaps it was actually Bran calling out to him, much like he did at the tower.

There’s also more of young Ned, and hints towards Jon Snow’s parentage (which is another story). Whatever the case is with Bran’s powers, it’s now clear that he can influence the past. How much of the history in the series is down to him, however, is yet to be seen.

Though Bran clearly didn’t foresee what Jon shaving his beard would do to the internet