If you’ve been asking over and over again when advance bookings for Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets will start in Singapore, Shaw Theatres has literally just struck the first blow in the war of the cinemas.

Shaw Theatres advance booking for Star Wars the force awakens: light side / dark side package movie tickets

It all starts on Mon, Nov 16 at Shaw House, Urban Plaza at 9pm, when tickets for the first midnight IMAX 3D screening of the movie go on sale. but it won’t come cheap – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Light Side/Dark Side package including four tickets, collectibles and popcorn will set you back $180. And there are are only 190 packages available!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets can also be purchased in advance on selected cinemas’ websites from midnight on 17th November 2015, and at Box Offices from 10am.

Meanwhile, here’s everything you need to know about picking the best movie theater in Singapore to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

1See Star Wars on IMAX screens if possible

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2Don’t wait in line, advance booking is key.

Even if advance booking has sold out – what were you doing? you had time to prep! – book your movie tickets online instead of waiting in the theatre queue. I know that the auntie and uncle in you wants to save money by utililsing discounts that you think are only available at the box office.

Wrong thinking. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the most anticipated movie of the year, so you will want the best possible seats. And online booking, will most likely give you that.

In the interest of fan service, here’s the list of promotions from Singapore movie theatres that are valid for online bookings too. Sadly, there aren’t many, so unless you are a SAFRA card holder and/or IGV app user you are out of luck. 🙁

Shaw Theatres:

Golden Village

  • iGV – Dolby Atmos Offer: Valid for all GVmax Dolby Atmos titles (2D & 3D). But not valid for regular 2D or 3D movies screening at GVmax.

3Go for Marathon Star Wars Movies Screenings

Marathon screenings are all the rage now. And we are betting money that one of the theatres will show all seven Star Wars movies in what must be an exhausting binge watching marathon session. If you think that 7 movies is too crazy a stretch, I have to point you to Golden Village’s crazy 25-hour movie marathon in 2011, that covered all 8 movies of the Harry Potter franchise. (that, by the way, cost S$98 per ticket)

If you’re a die-hard fan, then you might want to see the movie at a theater that’s hosting a Star Wars marathon event. Because .. bragging rights.

If the marathon Star Wars movie screening doesn’t materialise, fear not. Stage your own (probably cheaper) movie marathon with your friends. Extra points if you do the screening in costume.

4Get the most bang for your buck

Choosing where to watch a movie is not just about seat availability and location – it is also about getting the most bang for your buck.

For example: IMAX movie goers in the U.S will receive an exclusive Star Wars IMax print. We think that this promotion will be replicated in Singapore. So it makes perfect money sense to pay for IMAX tickets if you want the print.   Geek tip: Shaw Theatres, Cathay Cineplexes and Golden Village usually run giveaways with exclusive movie premiums for various movies. No news yet if these theatres are running any Star Wars contests, but we recommend you keep your ticket stubs for possible contest entries.

5Get collectible 3D glasses

We’ve seen Avengers-themed 3D glasses, so we reckon there’ll be similar ones for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Look out for possible giveaways from Shaw Theatres, Golden Village and Cathay Cineplexes – the three cinema chains that use Real D 3D technology.