The Marvel panels

CB Cebulski, Joe Mad, David Mack and Tan Eng Huat on stage.

You can always count on the panelists at STGCC to come up with some  great zingers. Last year, it was Losers creator Andy Diggle with his Batman imitation. This time round, it was Marvel talent scout CB Cebulski who brought the house down – when asked if Marvel would ever do something like the new 52, he replied: “No, because our universe isn’t broken, and there’s no need to fix it.”

The Marvel artists panel on day 2 was just as fun, despite the absence of Stephen Segovia and Leinil Yu (It had been stated in the convention brochure that the two artists would be present, but they were eventually a no-show) and the strange plethora of DC-related questions. Here’s a selection of the best comments and quips.

After the convention was over, Mack had one more thing to add to that last tweet:

The sights and the sounds

Hot Toys has consistently had the best booth, and it was no different this year. After 2012’s giant Hulk hands smashing through a wall came the Hall of Armour: a display of multiple suits of Iron Man’s armour. Not to be outdone, Play Imaginative had their own Iron Man display. Cos, you know, there just wasn’t enough of Tony Stark at STGCC. But Play Imaginative did have one very special guest: Adi Granov, who was conceptual designer for the three movies. Here’s some highlights of the convention.

The cosplayers and the creators

One of the best things about any convention is meeting the cosplayers who have slaved over their costumes to produce looks that range from stunning to jaw-dropping to awwwwww. Mixed in with the pleasure of meeting creators whose work you have admired, it brings the STGCC experience right up to the next level. Our top cosplayers this year: female Thor, and a very tough looking Wonder Woman. Though we did miss out on that fricking awesome Mr Freeze…

Last of all – here’s one brilliant, and clearly precocious cosplayer, stolen from our fellow crusader Wayne Ree’s Twitter:

Meeting Vampy Bit Me

I must confess: I don’t know a whole lot about celebrity cosplayers. But Vampy Bit Me, real name Linda Le, really wowed me this year. She’s kinda tiny – even with her heels on, I’m almost a head taller than her – but she looks fantastic in her costumes. I was most impressed by her Psylocke (mainly cos that was the only character I recognised of the ones she was cosplaying). But from the limited time I spent interacting with her, she seemed very down earth and genuinely thrilled and excited that so many fans came out to meet her.

And that’s that. For a full album of our STGCC shots, go to our Facebook page. You can also check out our earlier STGCC posts here and here.

Were you at STGCC? What was your top moment at this year’s convention? Tell us!