Supergirl season 2
Naw, not gonna happen on TV. Unless ratings plummet. ©DC Comics

Supergirl and Superman: Cousins, fellow survivors of Krypton, idealists and besties in the comics. So when Kal-El makes his debut on Supergirl season 2, it’s gonna be a mutual admiration society, right? Not so much, says Supergirl executive producer Sarah Schechter.

According to Schechter, who was addressing an audience at the recently concluded San Diego Comic Con, there will be more than a little tension between the cousins:

“Clark has a very different experience of what it means to have super powers on earth. There’s some head-butting and philosophical approaches that are different. We’ll get into that.”

Now, this is certainly more intriguing than a lovefest between the Kryptonians. It would also be interesting to see the two of them comparing their power sets. In the context of the TV show, Kal-El has been on Earth longer and so is presumably more powerful – but would it necessarily be the case?

In any case, all I really want to see is Superman and Supergirl throwing down. Or even better: A showdown between the two of them and Martian Manhunter!

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