Warner Bros want to adapt Frank Miller’s Hard Boiled with Ben Wheatley (right) as director and Tom Hiddleston (left) to star.

Warner Bros. is looking to develop the Frank Miller and Geoff Darrow comic book, Hard Boiled, and wants to bring in eclectic Brit filmmaker Ben Wheatley to do the job.

The studio is also exploring the possibility of making it a vehicle for the newly minted Golden Globe winner Tom Hiddleston thus reuniting the actor with his High-Rise director.

Set in dystopian Los Angeles, the 1990 comic follows one Carl Seltz, a well-mannered suburban insurance investigator who learns that he is really a homicidal cyborg tax collector codenamed Nixon. Hiddleston is, of course, tipped to play Carl/ Nixon which is apt as he has built a career on playing smooth, posh guys with a hint of cruelty/ savagery simmering just under the surface.

Wheatley is a fitting choice as well. His previous films like Kill List and High-Rise demonstrate his edgy filmmaking sensibilities and that he can turn darkness and violence into art.

A page out of the original Hard Boiled comics, an Eisner award-winning piece by Frank Miller and artist Geof Darrow. Hiddleston is tipped to play the lead character, a cyborg named Carl/ Nixon.

Warner Bros. had previously attempted to adapt Hard Boiled way back in 2001, with David Fincher at the helm and starring Nicholas Cage.

What do you think of a Wheatley-Hiddleston reteam in this adaptation of Hard Boiled?