The power of his awesome came out of every pore. ©Marvel Studios
The power of his awesome came out of every pore. ©Marvel Studios

At some point, you’ve probably thought about which of The Avengers is your favourite. It was hard for me to choose, because they’re all pretty kickass, but I eventually settled on Thor.

Compared to the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Thor deserves more love than he gets. Let me tell you why.

1) He’s literally the stuff of legends

His ‘Not Bad’ face. ©Marvel Studios

Some superheroes create their own greatness (Iron Man), while other have greatness thrust upon them (Spider-Man).

But Thor? Thor was BORN the Norse god of thunder.

Let me say that again: he’s an actual god. How do you even beat that?

2) He is incredibly powerful

Credit: verily-thor, Tumblr

Next to the yet-to-be unleashed Infinity Gauntlet, Mjølnir is probably the most powerful weapon in the MCU. Since it’s protected with an enchantment by Odin, only the worthy can lift it.

Even the other Avengers haven’t been able to thus far (we’re talking the movies, of course; the comics are a different story – as for whether anyone else will lift it in Age of Ultron, we’ll find out soon…).

Credit: featherwriter, Tumblr

But never mind Mjølnir. Even without his trusty hammer, you know Thor still has an inhuman amount of strength.

His powers are basically godly, so this is no surprise. He could probably use the full extent of his powers to kill Loki if he wanted to, but he holds back. You know, with Loki being his brother and all.

 3) He is other-worldly
Classic Thor. Credit: Tumblr.

Sure, Thor has an innate humanity, but the fact remains: He is a god from a whole different world among mortals.

Despite all the time he spends around humans, he sticks out like a sore thumb. He doesn’t become another one of the humans, precisely because he isn’t one, and that’s what makes him likeable.

Let’s not forget the way he talks too. Gotta love that Early Modern English influence.

4) He has an awesome origin story.

Thor (2011) might not have been as critically-lauded as the other Marvel movies, but I actually liked it more than Iron Man (2008), and this is mostly because I love Thor’s origin story.

A younger, more foolish Thor is born into greatness but unfortunately lets it all go to his head and eventually gets banished to Earth.

He goes from arrogant hothead to selfless hero after interacting with humans like Jane Foster and learning a thing or two about humility.

A rude awakening. Credit: verily-thor, Tumblr

And last but not least…

 5) He rocks his getup

He has a glorious cape. He sports luxurious blonde locks. And most of all, he makes it work.

Verily, he weareth not his mother’s drapes. ©Marvel Studios

The Avengers: Age of Ultron opens in Singapore on Apr 23. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you our favourite Avengers!

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