Apparently, Thomas Edison is one broody chap. Image credit: The Weinstein Company.

It’s still early days yet for the next Benedict Cumberbatch movie, but The Current War is already shaping up to be an electrifying ride.

While speaking to Collider about the sequel to John Wick (see our review), producer Basil Iwanyk had this to say:

“It’s the story of the race to kind of light up the eastern seaboard, specifically Manhattan, between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse. The movie isn’t played like a stodgy period drama, it feels like The Social Network or Steve Jobs. It’s the idea of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs went toe-to-toe to create the lightbulb, and that’s what these characters were. They’re larger than life, and they’re aggressive and tough and funny and geniuses, and that’s the vibe of the movie.”

Considering that there was some pretty intense rivalry between Edison and Westinghouse, the comparison to The Social Network actually makes quite a bit of sense. Though I can’t help but laugh when I think about Edison and Westinghouse as the 19th century precursors to Silicon Valley bros.

The Current War stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Thomas Edison, Michael Shannon as George Westinghouse and perennial geek favourite Nicholas Hoult as Nikola Tesla. Now all we gotta do is wait for them to finish shooting and editing it.