Justice League reshoots
©Warner Bros

Fancy Superman with a moustache? That’s just one of the many problems Warners is facing on the Justice League reshoots, helmed by former MCU stalwart Joss Whedon, which have turned out to be far more extensive than the studio has let on.

An excellent article from Variety, citing multiple sources, revealed that Warners is spending some US$25 million (practically the entire amount a mid-budget movie would spend) on reshoots that have dragged on for roughly two months in London and Los Angeles. By comparison, reshoots typically cost US$6-10 million and last a week or two.

Perhaps the biggest issue is that the Justice League cast includes some of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood, several of whom have since moved on to other projects. Henry Cavill a.k.a Superman is currently shooting Mission: Impossible 6, and has to jump back and forth between both productions. Cavill has also grown a quite magnificent moustache for his MI6 role.

But – surprise, surprise – MI6 distributors Paramount Pictures won’t allow Cavill to shave his facial hair. Which means the moustache will have to be digitally removed in post-production. I’m just going to pause for a moment here so you can let that image of Supes in his costume with a moustache – basically Uncle Kal-el – sink in.

Given that Ezra Miller a.k.a. The Flash is also currently shooting the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel, this amounts to more than a few scheduling headaches that have prolonged the shoot.

Variety also cites sources that say the Justice League reshoots have been used to punch up the dialogue. Just cast your mind back to the wry exchanges between characters in the Avengers movies, both directed by Whedon. But as Variety points out, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (see our review) and World War Z (see our review) also underwent extensive reshoots and both went on to be commercial and critical successes.
Still, all this is making DC fans mighty nervous. After all, no one wants another Suicide Squad or Batman v Superman.