Wonder Woman trailer
She couldn’t quite believe the reviews. ©Warner Bros

It’s the first female superhero movie of the modern era, so fans are understandably nervous. Not only for the movie’s prospects, given DC’s less-than-stellar record, but also for potential future superheroine movies.

But the first Wonder Woman reviews all sound pretty unanimous: it’s good. The actual reviews themselves are still embargoed, but critics were allowed to post their first reactions on social media. Some are even calling it the best DCEU movie to date.

Which is clearly a relief for Warners after the train wrecks that were Suicide Squad (see our review) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (see our review). They’ve needed a hit for a while now, and even some of their non-DC movies have tanked – just check out our review of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, which is currently doing very poorly at the box office.

Here’s more of the preliminary Wonder Woman reviews:

And Gal Gadot is certainly grateful for the love:

Wonder Woman opens in Singapore on May 31. Look out for the review on Geek Crusade!

  • Eh those arent reviews its reactions. Reviews for the movie are still EMBARGOED sooo you’re citing the wrong thing

    • But the tweets are essentially mini-reviews, no? The respective critics actually sent out several tweets each, which summarized their take on the movie, good and bad – nic

    • Bvs had the same thing and then the actual reviews came out 🙈

    • I don’t remember what the initial tweets about BvS were liao! But i’m very hopeful about WW. Hoping not to be proved wrong! – nic

  • I’m hoping these initial reactions are spot on cos the ‘comedic timing’ in the trailers is kinda off though the action looks good.

  • Im bothered by the lack of armpit hair, and how obvious she was featured less because shes a woman. Nothing is more important.