Before you start panicking, the answer is no: The Walking Dead season 6 isn’t about to take some radical new fan fiction-y twist. It’s just Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln clowning around during an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot.

With these brand new images from the upcoming season of everyone’s favourite zombie show, Reedus warns audiences to expect “a lot of internal conflict. A lot of characters that you didn’t see having beef are starting to have beef—there’s a lot of mistrust.”

Lincoln also sets up the brewing conflict between Rick’s group and the denizens of Alexandria:

“When I read the first script, I called [showrunner Scott M. Gimple] up and went, ‘You know, I say them and they, and us and we a lot.” He said, ‘That’s your journey, from them to us.’”

Just like in season 5, the story won’t follow a traditional linear narrative. It will begin with a “heightened action sequence”, before going all Kurosawa on us.

Flashbacks will also tell us about events in Alexandria before Rick and co arrived, and just what happened to Morgan (Lennie James) to bring him back from the brink.

The Walking Dead season 6
“Missed me?” ©AMC

As James himself puts it: “He has gone through a transformation that viewers will find out about.”

Here’s the rest of the new images:

The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on Oct 11. AMC can be seen on Singtel TV, Channel 322.

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