They weren’t always superstars. Once upon a time, before Chris Hemsworth became the God of Thunder, he was a star on Aussie soap opera Home and Away. And his dirty little secret has come out.

Thor was promoting his latest movie Rush on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where the host has a penchant for exposing celebrities and their sordid pasts – namely, the shows/ads/movies that they did years ago when they were anonymous and needed the money. Examples include Breaking Bad lead Bryan Cranston and his voiceover work on Power Rangers, and a laxative commercial that The Newsroom star Jeff Daniels did eons ago.

In Chris Hemsworth’s case, he played the hideously named Kim Hyde for three years on Home and Away, an Australian institution whose alumni includes the late Heath Ledger and Dr Doom himself. And of course, Leno just had to show a clip of the eponymous Kim Hyde dramatically fainting on the beach.

Then he followed it up with a clip of Hemsworth shaking his booty on Australia’s version of Dancing With The Stars, back in 2006. I’m no dancing expert, but it looks like he has some pretty good moves. But then again, you don’t really care now, do you?