Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer
©Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

That Tom Holland is a real gem, he is. In a new interview with The Wrap at CinemaCon, the 20-year-old revealed that the Spider-Man: Homecoming shoot was sometimes delayed because he insisted on trying to make every action scene plausible.

In the process, Holland even earned a compliment from former Batman Michael Keaton, who’s playing bad guy The Vulture alongside Holland.

“I really stuck by my guns … and eventually they went with what I said. Michael took me aside and said, ‘Look, that’s what I did in Batman. I always tried to make sure that what I was doing made sense, and that I could possibly happen.

My big thing was always trying to ground Peter’s powers in reality, which meant never putting him in a situation he can easily escape from. And that choice would [often] completely reconfigure the scene that we’d have to do, which would waste two hours in re-rehearsing. So it felt like something I should keep doing, but also a compliment at the same time.”

For an actor at the start of his adult career – he started out as a child actor – Holland’s certainly shown a lot of guts to stand up to two big Hollywood studios in Marvel and Sony.

Let’s hope Holland makes the role of Spider-Man his own and carries on for many years to come. After all, his predecessor Andrew Garfield didn’t seem to fully enjoy the experience of being Spider-Man, saying that it was “heartbreaking”.

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in Singapore on July 6. Check out the latest movie trailer in the meantime.