Everyone knows how Disney/Pixar films never fail to make their audiences cry, and its latest effort The Good Dinosaur is no different (see our review). So, here’s my take on the top 5 Pixar movies moments that make you scrunch your features into the ugliest cry face ever.

1Up: Carl & Ellie’s marriage

Best couple of all time. ©Disney/Pixar

The movie begins with a montage of the different stages of Carl and Ellie’s lives. Starting from the moment they met when they were kids, the audience is taken on an emotional roller-coaster, ending with Carl returning home alone.

This made me cry buckets because I’ll always remember how Carl and Ellie never got to visit Paradise Falls together. The particular scene that hits me hard is when a silver-haired Ellie, who is lying in a hospital bed, pushes the Adventure Book back to Carl before touching his face and bow-tie, before the scene transitions to Carl at Ellie’s funeral.

It was nothing less than Ellie’s way of telling Carl to go on an adventure for the both of them.

claire crying

2Monsters Inc.: Boo & Sully say good-bye

“Crack-Crack-Crack.” The sound of hearts breaking. ©Disney/Pixar

“Kitty has to go.” These four words are enough to send any fan of Monsters Inc. into a sob fest, as they are almost Sully’s final words to Boo. After the whole fiasco at Monsters Inc., Sully says his final good-bye to Boo before her door is shredded.

From the moment Boo met Sully, the two of them were practically inseparable. So, when it came time to say good-bye, it was definitely going to be heart-breaking. As soon as Boo and Sully hug, the waterworks begin. Needless to say, they don’t stop when Sully closes the door with tears in his eyes while Boo looks on sadly.


3Inside Out: Bing Bong disappears

Don’t ever forget him. ©Disney/Pixar

As Joy and Bing Bong fall into the pit of forgotten memories, the two eventually find a way out with Bing Bong’s wagon. To ensure Joy makes it back to headquarters before things get way out of hand, Bing Bong gets off the wagon in mid-flight, sacrificing himself.

As soon as I was introduced to Bing Bong, I was instantly attached to this loveable character. I remember crying uncontrollably when Bing Bong told Joy to continue singing as he jumps out of the wagon. I eventually progressed to wailing like a banshee when Bing Bong said to Joy, ‘Take her to the moon for me’, before disappearing.

Damn you, Pixar. Damn you.


4Toy Story 3: Toys in the incinerator

No. Just no. ©Disney/Pixar

After tumbling into the pit, the toys attempt to climb out – only to realise there is no means of escape. With no hope left, the toys join hands to stay together as they face the inevitable.

When it came to this scene, all I could remember was hearing myself sobbing hard. In that pivotal moment, it showed the solidarity and bond among the toys that made for a very moving scene.

emma crying

5Brave – Merida tries to change her mom

Momma knows best. ©Disney/Pixar

As Merida attempts to change her mother back to a human before she turns into a full-fledged bear, she is left feeling helpless when it doesn’t work. She eventually gives up in regret as she starts realising just how much her mother means to her.

There is no denying just how relatable this scene is. I remember crying hard during this scene as I thought back on all my Merida moments with my own mom. Even though it’s tough to admit at times, moms always know best, and they’ll always show a love and support that tends to be taken for granted.

This scene made me realise just how much I should cherish the moments I have with not just my mom, but my family as well – because I’ll never know when one of them might turn into a bear.

leo crying

So, if you are looking for a cathartic release after a frustrating day or just merely feeling nostalgic, watch these films and have a good sob-fest with a Kleenex tissue box by your side.