We’re back with more updates on the Agent 47 movie! We’ve shown you photos from the set, and told you about the shooting locations around the island. Now, here’s the latest – the climax of the movie will take place in Singapore.

We know this thanks to an excellent article over the weekend by the Wall Street Journal, which reported:

The climax of the film, which stars actor Rupert Friend, will take place with full views of the city [Singapore] from a 40-storey skyscraper that visual effects teams will digitally insert into the skyline.

As far as I can recall, Singapore has never played such a big role in a major Hollywood production. We’ve been blown up in comics by arch-villain The Plutonian, thanks to writer Mark Waid, but this is the first time we have been front and centre in a big Western production.

Thanks to our ingenious snooping, we already know that Changi Airport’s Terminal 3, Gardens By The Bay, Chinatown, Singapore Airlines and Comfort Delgro will feature in the movie. There’s an overnight shoot going on at the airport right now, and some images/videos have already appeared online.

Here’s more updates on the Agent 47 movie shoot, and what we’ve managed to uncover so far.

Ms Universe Singapore will appear in the movie

This afternoon, @MissUniverseSG tweeted that the reigning Miss Universe Singapore Shi Lim has landed a role in the film. Could she be the “Asian actress” that Fox has been touting?


It’s unclear how big a role she’ll be playing. But in any case, it’s good to know that at least one Singaporean will be in the movie, even if it’s just as the token Asian (besides the numerous extras, of course). Ms Shi, 26, is a business executive, and…that’s all we know about her. But here’s a picture of Ms Shi.

Miss Universe Singapore Shi Lim
Source: Facebook

A car chase/shootout takes place along Robinson Road

As you can see from our previous post, we staked out the Robinson Road shoot over the weekend, and we know that this red car will play a pivotal role:

Agent 47 shoot in Singapore
©Geek Crusade

Based on what we saw with our own eyes and what’s appeared online, we reckon that Agent 47 will make a sharp turn into Robinson Road in this car, then step out with guns blazing to confront a SWAT-like team of masked men with guns.

A fight will take place at the OCBC Skyway

We have the WSJ article to thank for this bit of info:

Agent 47….will be saving damsels on the streets of Singapore and fighting baddies on a raised walkway in the country’s iconic Gardens by the Bay when the action movie is released, most likely next year or in 2016.

Hannah Ware’s character will be swimming nude

We know this thanks to a post by Hello Creatives, which has since been deleted:

We’re looking for a female body double to replace our main female actor in a nude underwater swimming pool scene. The double will be required to swim nude. Her face is not revealed, only her body will be shown.

Shoot date: 5 May 2014, Monday

4) Caucasian woman
– Height: 1.63m
– Fair skin tone
– Dark-coloured hair
– Waist: 24 – 25”
– Hips: 34”
– Shoes: 37″ – 38″
– Able to swim well

 A fire will rise

Once again, we have a casting call to thank for this bit of info, this time by the People Studio.

Agent 47 movie casting call
Firemen, please!!

No word yet on where the ‘fire’ will be. But if you happen to be anywhere near the shoot, do tweet us @GeekCrusade or tag us on Instagram. More Agent 47 updates to come!