Marvel's Daredevil

It’s just over a month before Marvel’s Daredevil debuts on Netflix (and another bout of binge-watching ensues), and we now have our first look at Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk a.k.a. The Kingpin.

In the comics, Wilson Fisk is exactly as his title suggests: The Kingpin of crime in New York City, feared by one and all. But in the Daredevil TV show, he isn’t quite fully formed yet, and is still somewhat insecure. But woe betide anyone who crosses him, says D’Onofrio:

“I just brought in this kind of character who in one sentence could easily go from being a child to a monster, depending on where his emotions take him.”  

D’Onofrio shaved his head and put on about 13kg, and the results are pretty impressive — he certainly resembles the comic character, though Fisk is even larger. And the goal, says the actor, was to be physically imposing:

“I wanted him to have an appearance of being super-powerful so that when he throws a punch, it’s a major punch. There’s a lot of weight behind it.”

He had never quite mastered the rules of chess. ©Marvel Comics
He had never quite mastered the rules of chess. ©Marvel Comics

Executive producer Steven DeKnight sounds very pleased with D’onofrio’s efforts too:

 “He had a passion and an understanding of what we were trying to do, of making it a very grounded, gritty, realistic show. Here is an actor who’s really thinking about it on not only a character depth but a visual depth that I really loved.”

Personally, I thought the late Michael Clarke Duncan did a brilliant job as Kingpin in Daredevil (200), the rubbish plot notwithstanding. His size and deep, deep bass tone made him very intimidating indeed.

But I’m really looking forward to what D’Onofrio will do with the character. He’s known for his intense roles, and I hope he brings more than a little cray cray to the Kingpin.

Source: Comic Book Resources, USA Today

Marvel’s Daredevil debuts on Apr 10. In the meantime, you can check out the series trailer and photos of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock and Daredevil.