Crazy Rich Asians
But don’t piss off Michelle Yeoh hor. Photo: Sony Picture Classics

Local media outlets have been all atwitter since it was announced that direct Jon Chu was going to direct Crazy Rich Asians, and part of the movie will be shooting right here in this swelteringly hot island of ours.

And it looks like they’re gonna film here very, very soon. Hello Group, the same company who helped to cast background actors for Equals posted details about an open casting call for Crazy Rich Asians.

They’re looking for people of all ethnicities and nationalities, and aged between 5 and 60 years old. You also need to be available for most of June, with wardrobe fittings tentatively scheduled from the last week of May onwards. They have many roles available, including a “Young Chinese Violinist”, members of a marching band, Sikh guards and synchronised swimmers!

While we think it’s great that they’re looking to cast Singaporeans for a movie set in Singapore, it does come with one big caveat: You’re not allowed to approach or disturb the director or main cast during the shoot. Darn.

Here are the full deets if you want to become a calefare in a Hollywood movie: