Nope, still too soon, Barry.  © Warner Bros

We last saw Ezra Miller’s Flash in Suicide Squad (see our review), albeit in a tiny cameo, but it seems like it’s still too soon to see him in his own solo movie. The Flash was supposed to be released sometime in 2018, but just like its Fox counterpart Gambit, the project has been troubled from the start.

First, director Seth Grahame-Smith left the project due to that that age-old problem, “creative differences”. Then Rick Famuyiwa signed on, eager to work with “a phenomenal young actor” like Miller. But alas, he too left due to creative disagreements, with some rumours indicating that studio execs didn’t like the changes he had made to the script.

This means that the movie is still without a director, even as its star is riding out the last waves of success from starring in Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (see our review). And now, the latest news indicates that Warner Bros has gotten English screenwriter Joby Harold to do a page-one rewrite of the script.

What does that mean? Well, Google tells me: When a script’s central premise or characters are good but the script is otherwise unusable, a different writer or team of writers is contracted to do an entirely new draft, often referred to as a ‘page one rewrite’

Developments like script rewrites are all par for course when making a movie, but at the rate this is going, it does seem extremely unlikely that we’ll see a Flash movie anytime soon. This isn’t the first time a DC Comics project has run into problems either – advance reviews for Batman v Superman were extremely negative, while later reports suggested that the reins were taken from Suicide Squad director David Ayer in post-production.

Don’t suppose we can get Barry Allen to speed things up a bit, can we?

Audiences will next see Ezra Miller as The Flash in The Justice League – Part I, currently set for release in Singapore on November 16.