Things on The Flash and Arrow have been coming quick and fast, and while we don’t have terribly in-depth episode recaps, there’s still enough for us to take a quick look at the week’s episodes. This week, we’re covering Flash of Two Worlds and The Candidate.


"Do I marry Iris?"
“Do I marry Iris?”

Obviously, spoilers.

1Sara Lance is coming back

Laurel probably should’ve watched a few more episodes of The Walking Dead…

Yes, we already knew she’d be back, thanks Legends of Tomorrow trailer (just like we know Ray Palmer isn’t dead), but having it so soon into the season seems a bit rushed.

We’ve already seen in the first episode of Arrow that someone dies… Could Sara’s impending return shift the spotlight on Quentin Lance?

We know he’s in with Damien Darhk to protect Laurel/#NotMyBlackCanary… And he clearly knows Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. How long can he handle this duality?

2Zoom looks like a shadowy Reverse-Flash… and Harrison Wells lives

“I thought they only did this in Mortal Kombat…”

It seems unlikely these two events wouldn’t be connected. After all, in last season’s Flash finale, Wellsobard Thawne clearly recognised Jay Garrick’s helmet.

Let’s also not forget when Thawne first came back into the past, he very quickly lost his speed. Garrick seems to be facing a similar problem at the moment.

However, as far as Zoom is concerned, it does seem like the big bad for this season doesn’t know Barry’s identity… yet. He keeps telling the people he sends to kill “The Flash”, but it feels like he’s referring to Jay Garrick and not Barry.

He looks well.
He looks well.

Whether or not the Earth-2 Wells is the real deal or not remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure – Wells is the T-Gen of the Arrowverse, creating all these metahumans here and there.

3Boyband Oliver is no more

“All right, no more Boyzone jokes…”

I wasn’t expecting this, but I guess I’ll have to call him Flashback Oliver now. He’s ditched the boyband look for something that’s pretty much similar to his current hairdo.

And as we’ve seen in past seasons, people from the flashbacks have a tendency to show up in the actual “present” of the show.

After all, with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) now running for mayor of Star City, his face is going to be a lot more prominent.

Already in the flashback, the leader of the fighters on Lian Yu recognised him as a “minor celebrity”. Perhaps someone from his past shows up to question his credentials?

4The Snowbarry doesn’t seem to be shipping

What would Ronnie think, Caitlin?!

Instead of the Snowbarry, we appear to be headed along the path to JaySnow, which is the name Game of Thrones‘ Jon Snow’s failed attempt at rapping would have been released under.

I mean, the writers weren’t exactly coy about Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) enjoying her “research” on the Earth-2 Flash.

In addition, we’ve seen the introduction of Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten), who seems like a much better fit for Barry (Grant Gustin) than emo friendzone Iris West.

Seems like the Snowbarry is stalled for now. Darn.

5Is Killer Frost from Earth-2?

“Each one of these represents a bad idea…”

We had a glimpse of Caitlin Snow’s Killer Frost in last season’s Flash finale… but with Earth-2 in the mix, could she actually make an appearance as a doppelgänger from an alternate universe?

Besides, if Jay and Caitlin really do get into something, Zoom might be inclined to make use of Caitlin’s alter ego to finish off what I am assuming will be a fairly long list of failed attempts at killing the Flash.

Also, an observation from our Geek of Steel, but how cold is Barry Allen this season, murdering all these Earth-2 folks?

And did anyone smile when Dr Stein and Cisco revealed there were 52 breaches? Or upon seeing this shot below…

And the delight of a million comic book fans saved the day.
And the delight of a million comic book fans saved the day.

And that’s pretty much it for week 2! While we’re on the topic of the Arrowverse, Matt Ryan’s Constatine is due to make an appearance in episode 5 to help with a certain undead… Spoilers.