So it’s another week down and we’re a day away from the next broadcasts of The Flash and Arrow. Before we get to that, though, let’s look at a few moments from the third episodes of each, Family of Rogues and Restoration.

Also, spoilers.

Someone told Cisco about the major character death in The Walking Dead.
Someone told Cisco about the major character death in The Walking Dead.

1It’s quite obvious who’s trying to contact Felicity

"Maybe we should put your phone into the microwave..."
“Maybe we should put your phone into the microwave…”

It’s not just the fact he’s another plus one for diversity (he’s not the first openly gay character on the show, though, that goes to The Flash’s Captain Singh), but it’s nice seeing another smart young chap on Team Arrow’s roster complementing Miss Smoak.

To some extent, the same could be said about Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten) on The Flash. Like the Curtis/Felicity combo, Patty and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) share some similarities that don’t come off as being too scripted. PatBarry ahoy.

Also, Oliver and Diggle (David Ramsey) made up. The bromance is not dead.

2The Lazarus Pit is gone

Nissa was sad she couldn’t have a Halloween party at Nanda Parbat.

Remember the fast forward to six months later, with Barry and Oliver (Stephen Amell) standing over someone’s grave? Well, one of the questions I asked myself was why no one brought said dead person to Nanda Parbat’s swankiest hot tub.

And now we know. Thanks for messing up a pretty awesome onsen, Nissa. You’ve ruined everything.

As mentioned last week, it’s clear they’re preparing for Legends of Tomorrow, with the pieces falling into place on both Arrow and The Flash.

Sara Lance’s (Caity Lotz) return seems to be a little quicker than expected, but it does give time for her to sort out her issues before the spinoff arrives. Also, about that certain undead Constantine is supposed to help with…

3Barry is trying too hard to set up Legends

“Did you just compare me to a manga character…”

Captain Cold’s (Wentworth Miller) appearance early in The Flash mimics Sara Lance’s return on Arrow. Both are part of the team for Legends, so again it does seem the producers are keen to remind the audience of what Snart and his cold gun are capable of.

Snart’s a pretty interesting character. He just wants to rob and steal and gets away with it, and his pact with Barry in exchange for him turning a blind eye was that no one gets killed in the process. And also a huge “I want to protect my sister” complex on par with Shiba Tatsuya from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei.

The problem, however, is that Barry keeps going on and on about how Snart is a hero. Come on, I know he’s gonna be part of the gang in the future, but he’s still part of the Rogues! Don’t keep building him up like that!

We’re at the stage where Suicide Squad is a movie. We’re old enough to handle having non-carebears as protagonists! Especially coming from the person in the series with the highest number of Earth-2 inhabitant kills thus far.

4Jay is sticking around

He’s probably found a barber in Central City he wants to keep.

The JayXSnow ship seems ready to set sail, with Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) deciding to stay and help Team Flash instead of heading back to Earth-2.

All right, that’s not much of a surprise. We knew a while back that season 2 would have more speedsters, so Jay can’t disappear that soon. Now, where’s Wally?

That being said, I do think the plot about Barry being guarded against Jay could’ve lasted a bit more than a single episode.

Maybe even until Jay started something with Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker), which would have added some friction, at least for another episode or two.

Of course, that may matter little, since…

5Harrison Wells is here!

“Did I make it in time to catch The Force Awakens trailer?”

Now how was that for a final shot? Harrison Wells (or is he Wellsobard Thawne) stepping through the now-stabilised wormhole from Earth-2 with an ominous on his face. I mean, we saw him last week, but he was literally a world away back then.

Is Wells the Wells? Is he the Reverse-Flash? Is he Zoom? Is he just some clueless scientist walking into this Earth’s STAR labs for the first time? Well, the cast of The Flash seem eager to say he’s not the Wells we knew from season 1.

There are so many questions, but one this is without a doubt – Tom Cavanagh brings back something we’ve missed from The Flash so far. Jay is interesting and Zoom is a little freaky, but Harrison Wells from season 1 was on a totally different level right from the start.

It remains to be seen how Earth-2 Wells (Wells-2?) interacts with Team Flash, but one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be wrapped up in more layers than an onion in a Matryoshka doll on Christmas Day.