This week, we’ll be looking back at The Flash episode The Darkness and The Light and Arrow episode Haunted, which included a much anticipated crossover.

As usual…


"Wait! Tell me about Manny!"
“Wait! Tell me about Manny!”

1Linda Park is Doctor Light

“Netflix and chill?”

Well well, another hero-turned-villain (thanks for nothing, Earth-Two), after Atom Smasher from episode 1.

This time, though, her alter-ego isn’t Kimiyo Hoshi… It’s Linda Park (Malese Jow), also known as the person Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was totally using as a substitute girlfriend. Tsk, Barry.

We also know that basically, there aren’t any new metas created AFTER the particle accelerator explosion. So it seems even more unlikely that Earth-Prime Caitlin Snow is Killer Frost.

This leads to some really interesting speculation. Basically, what we know from the comics may not be what happens on screen. A few episodes back, we learnt Iris has a brother… so… Is his name Wally?

And also, could Zoom be Earth-Two Barry Allen? He keeps trying to get faster… Maybe to travel back in time, like Earth-Prime Barry did in season 1?

Or Earth-Two Eobard Thawne, back in time, trying to get back to the future? There’s gotta be a reason why that suit is so similar!

2Oliver for Star City!

Oliver probably won’t get the NRA’s support since he’s anti-gun.

Arrow’s touching on a bit of the political side of things, with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) running for mayor and his political strategist asking about his background and any potential skeletons in the closet.

Oliver, of course, has a crap load of them, though considering the ease which H.I.V.E. gets rid of people’s histories, perhaps he ought to be the one paying Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) a visit.

That being said, given how Darhk seems to have Laurel Lance’s (Katie Cassidy) every move nailed down, it seems quite weird that he hasn’t figured out her night time hobby and linked it to Oliver yet.

Either way, let’s hope this plot point doesn’t fizzle out. It’s a good chance for the writers to release any angst against the US electoral system.

3Wells and Jay Garrick don’t get along

“Andrew Garfield was the better Spider-Man.”

Unlike Earth-Prime Wells and Barry, the Earth-Two Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Flash clearly don’t get along.

Wells-Two seems to consider Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) weaksauce, Garrick holds Wells-Two responsible for all the metas and indirectly all the harm they’ve caused. As well as getting credit for creating solutions to a problem he caused.

Their animosity doesn’t appear to be disappearing any time soon, and it’s true that you can’t shake the feeling Wells-Two has as many secrets as Wells-Prime.

But we also see at the end of the episode part of the motivation Wells-Two has in stopping Earth-Two’s villainous speedster… Zoom has taken his daughter.

Whether or not he’ll eventually stab Barry in the back to get what he wants is anyone’s guess, but having Wells turn bad yet again seems to be a bit repetitive, so I’m cheering for the good doctor to eventually redeem his name.

He also seemed to be quick to move on from Cisco’s remark that Barry travelled back in time… But you do get a sense he’s keeping that little nugget for later.

Side note, the actress playing Well’s (or Harry, as he is now known) daughter is Violett Beane, and known on Earth-Two as Jesse Quick. In case that name sounds familiar, she’s ALSO a speedster from the Golden Age in the comics…


“Do these Chinese characters even make any sense?”

Matt Ryan’s Constantine making an appearance in the Arrowverse is pretty huge, and not only because the reception was favourable enough that another petition to bring the Constantine series back has been making the rounds.

Think about it, Constantine dealing with the dark arts and the occult opens up a whole world of DC superheroes and villains which the writers can now look at integrating into the world (Zatanna please!).

Additionally, this might not be the last we’ve seen or heard from the damned exorcist, as he seems to know more about Damien Darhk and he gave Flashback Ollie a mysterious mystical tattoo with Chinese characters that look like they translate to rat ginger roast pig.

His inclusion in Oliver’s flashbacks was quite a surprise, and with Arrow going more into the realm of magic and the occult with Darhk, Laurel might need to use that name card sooner rather than later.

And if the Constantine series were ever to make a revival, perhaps all that rising darkness could now be attributed to a certain Damien Darhk and his friends…


“Coffee, tea, or a mace to the face?”

I almost missed this at first, before realising that yes, it was Hawkgirl (Ciara Renée) working at the not-Starbucks as a barrista.

Kendra Saunders may have been initially caught off-guard by Cisco (Carlos Valdes), but it looks like she’s going to be hanging around the gang for a bit now that she’s going on a date with the new Vibe.

Whether or not she’s already in Hawkgirl mode is unknown at this time, but the way things are shaping up, it does seem likely she’ll discover them on The Flash before moving to Legends of Tomorrow.

Of course, that’s assuming Hawkguy doesn’t show up and wants his own date…