Wonder Woman 2
“Sorry, not me.” ©Warner Bros

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard about Wonder Woman 2, but now director Patty Jenkins has given Variety a little hint of things to come.

While we already know that the sequel will flash back to Diana’s life before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (see our review) and Justice League (see our review), Jenkins revealed that Wonder Woman will also have a new interest. While she didn’t offer many details beyond that, she did say that Diana will have a “great” love story.

As you’ll recall, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) – SPOILER ALERT – came to an untimely end in Wonder Woman (see our review). In the comics, Diana has dated human rights advocate Trevor Barnes and Superman, and also been depicted as feeling attraction for Batman and Aquaman.

But given that the movie broadly hinted at the Amazons’ bisexuality, Diana’s new paramour may very well turn out to be a woman. Now, that would be verrrrry interesting, and far from unprecedented. Over in the DC TV universe on Supergirl, fans have responded well to Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyers’ romance.

Another groundbreaking step in superhero movies? That would be most welcome.

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