It was recently announced that long-time X-Men producer and scriptwriter Simon Kinberg will be directing the franchise’s next installment, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and it looks like filming will begin very soon!

Construction of the sets is underway in Vancouver and an image of what appears to be the exterior of the Danger Room has surfaced on Twitter thanks to user @JENLAWFILMS.

The Danger Room is a technologically-advanced facility where Professor X’s team of mutants train by fighting real weapons and life-like holograms. We caught of a glimpse of it at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse. In the comics, the Danger Room is also augmented with technology from the Shi’ar, an alien race led by their queen Lilandra, who will reportedly be played by Jessica Chastain.

Moreover, the cast has been spotted in Montreal, where a fan was lucky enough to get a photo with Sophie Turner, who plays the telepath Jean Grey. Jean eventually becomes possessed by the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force and hence turns into Phoenix/ Dark Phoenix. Nicholas Hoult, who plays the blue-furred mutant Beast, has also been spotted around Montreal.

Meanwhile, James McAvoy – Professor X himself – posted a photo of himself on his official Instagram account with the geo tag Montreal, Quebec.

Just like “Days of Future Past”, the “Dark Phoenix Saga” is one of the X-Universe’s most iconic story arcs. I really hope Fox doesn’t mess it up this time like the horrendous treatment of the Phoenix Force in X-Men: The Last Stand. I still haven’t forgiven hack director Brett Ratner for that.

Plus, the Danger Room is such a significant part of X-Men lore. Not only did the mutant teams train and learn to strategise there, but it’s a place where plenty of interpersonal exchanges and revelations also occurred. We can’t wait to see it in action!

What do you think, geeks? Are you ready for some Danger Room action?