Ten Years of Heroes
Photo: Diana Othman for Geek Crusade

If you still can’t get enough of all things Marvel, you’ll be happy to know that you can further immerse yourself in the MCU. As part of the three-year collaboration between Singapore Tourism Board and The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia to bring unique thematic events to Singapore, Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes exhibition features ten themed sections at the ArtScience museum.

The exhibits celebrate key MCU blockbusters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War.

Once you enter, follow a simple trail that takes you from one section to the next starting with the blockbuster that got the MCU ball rolling: Iron Man. The exhibits consist of life-sized models of your favourite heroes with which you can pose for your Instagramming pleasure. Look out for the elaborate diorama straight out of Thor: Ragnorak where Thor and the Hulk duke it out. You can wedge yourself just nicely in between them for that photo opp!

Plenty of Instagrammable set ups like this scene right out of Thor: Ragnarok. Photo: Diana Othman for Geek Crusade.

You can find several other models peppered throughout the exhibition such as fan favourites Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot, as well as the mad titan himself, Thanos, .

Step up to Thanos himself. Photo: Diana Othman for Geek Crusade.

But it’s all not dioramas and still figures – there are also several digital visuals and interactive elements to engage you further as well. Personally, I felt that the funnest ones to play are the motion sensor displays particularly the screens where you can make a visual of Baby Groot mimic your dance moves.

Another one that’s really cool are the screens in the Doctor Strange section where you can ‘cast spells’ and either distort your surroundings on the screen or open up a ‘portal’ where you can see people or your friends who are standing elsewhere in the exhibition on screen.

Come a little closer to dance with Baby Groot. Photo: Diana Othman for Geek Crusade.

Being the ArtScience Museum, there are also some educational elements so that you leave the exhibition a little more enlightened. At each section, there is a display that touches on the scientific and cultural influences of each Marvel blockbuster.

For example, the Captain America exhibit has an interesting nugget on cryogenics which stems from the mythos that Cap froze for decades in ice only to wake up in the present completely intact. In the Thor exhibit, there is a display detailing an original Norse legend that features Thor and Loki.

We knew this day would come. When a Sony Walkman turns into an artefact. Photo: Diana Othman for Geek Crusade.

There is even a classic Sony walkman like the one used by Star-Lord on display at the Guardians of the Galaxy section. “Young people no longer know what this is,” we were told by the exhibition guide. Man, we knew this day would come. You can also take a load off and listen to the full Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack here.

Also, don’t leave your cash and credit cards at home – there’s plenty of merch to browse and buy at the shop at the end of the trail!

Merch! Photo: Diana Othman for Geek Crusade.

All in all, this is a fun but relatively small exhibition. There are plenty of photo opportunities to fill up your social media feeds but it’s not as interactive and engaging as the Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibition held at the Science Centre in 2016.

Do note that there is currently high interest in the exhibition.

Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes exhibition is on now till Sep 30 2018. Standard ticket prices are $19 per adult and $14 per child, senior citizen and student. Discounts for Singapore residents. For more information, go to www.marvelexhibition.sg.