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Singapore Zombie Walk is on hiatus this year. But fear not, you can still go to school;  Zombie Survival School. The first class starts on 26 Oct 2014. Enroll now.


[alert-announce] We had a blast at  Singapore Zombie Walk 2013. It may be over but you can still read about it here. [/alert-announce]

Singapore Zombie Walk
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The Singapore Zombie Walk is back for a second year! And this time,  we’re creating our very own version of  the Dawn of the Dead (the remake), as the zombie horde takes over The Cathay at 2 Handy Road.

Event details

Date: 26 Oct 2013 (Saturday)


  • 7.30pm – Party at our Undead Festival:  Back for Seconds. There will be rock music performances, prizes and Wii games for participants to enjoy.
  • 9.oopm – The 2nd Singapore Zombie Walk begins

Venue: The Cathay at 2 Handy Road

Attire: Zombie Attire  – see our facebook albums for inspiration.

Admission Fee: Free! Though we are asking all participants to bring at least 2 canned food or non-perishable food items in support of the walk’s charity:  Food Bank Singapore. 🙂

What do I get for turning up?

Let’s see. In return for a food donation of at least 2 canned food or non-perishable food items, we are giving you

  1. Access to our undead festival: Back for Seconds and
  2. Awesome freebies! ($30 worth of stuff! : Bag of Candy, Movie Voucher, and Event Tee) – Read more
  3. A chance to live your undead fantasies with fellow zombie aficionados.



Rules for Singapore Zombie Walk

This is Singapore, so the first thing you need to know before taking part in the zombie walk is the rules.  We want everyone to have fun, but rest assured, we’re only looking out for the best interests of the entire walking group and the public in general (not to mention ourselves, since we have to account to the police for any misbehaviour). So please follow these guidelines, which are very similar to the guidelines of other zombie walks all around the world.

1.  Zombies are slow, listless and they shuffle a lot:

Zombies don’t chatter on their handphones or use it to go on Facebook. They do not scream or wail, and they certainly don’t talk – they only moan or make incoherent noises. Zombies are always slow and halting, and they do not run or jump or skip.

2. Keep blood/makeup/props on your clothing & body. And yes, you must be made up as a zombie.

Try not to bring extra blood or supplies with you. If you make a mess or litter, you are responsible for it and you may give the walk a bad reputation and prevent future walks from taking place. And if you turn up without a costume and/or at least basic make up, you will be turned away. Not much point taking part in a zombie walk if you’re not dressed as a zombie.

3. Obey all traffic laws and signs:

Do not block foot or vehicle traffic. You do so at your own risk.

 4. Obey the Singapore Zombie Walk marshals:

The route marshals are here to ensure that everything goes smoothly for you and the public. Please obey their instructions, so that we can all have fun and do this again.

5. DO NOT approach or touch anyone not associated with the walk:

Keep your hands and feet  to yourself and out of people’s faces. And even though it’s very tempting to do so, please do not reach out at members of the public as we pass them.

6. DO NOT lean over barriers or fences, enter shops, lean into doorways and entryways, or pound on or touch windows :

All these actions are borderline illegal. If the police see you doing it – and they will be present – they may take action against you. If they don’t see you, retailers and restauranteurs may lobby to ban zombie walks because you’re annoying them and their customers, so please refrain from those activities for the sake of future walks.

7. DO NOTs specific to The Cathay:

We are happy to bring the walk into The Cathay this year. As The Cathay is a private area, please refrain from doing the following activities:

  • Harass or chase or pounce on or stalk any shoppers
  • Destroy/move property of The Cathay/tenants
  • Leave rubbish/stains on any property of The Cathay/tenants – especially when applying your make up.
  • “Eat” patrons and property of The Cathay
  • Endanger the safety of themselves and patrons at all times
  • Roam from L5 to L6 (cinema levels) nor escalator to Cathay Residences etc

8. Things you shouldn’t bring :

– Weapons, whether real or toys. What kind of zombies carry weapons anyway?

– PA systems, megaphones or sound amplification devices of any kind. Amplified sound requires a permit and isn’t necessary for our walk.

– Signs, leaflets, brochures or posters: distribution of such  items isn’t necessary for our walk.

– Alcohol: Please refrain from consuming alcohol before or during the walk. If you show up intoxicated, you’ll be asked to leave immediately. We ask this for your safety and the safety of others, not to mention that being intoxicated tends to make you do stupid things and we don’t want stupid things happening on our walk. There’ll be plenty of fun to be had just by dressing up as zombies, we promise you!

9. Photographers & Videographers :

We welcome all photographers/videographers and legitimate press/journalists to our events! As long as you don’t stop our group at any time and don’t get in our way or block the flow of regular foot/vehicle traffic, you are welcome to take pictures & video.

You are NOT welcome to sell ANY photos or video you have taken at the walk/event unless you have permission from Singapore Zombies in advance AND you have the subject(s)/their guardian(s) sign a model release. If you or anyone you know shoots pictures and/or video, please contact us afterward, so that we can post it (with credit and a link to your site, of course)! Zombies love to see themselves in action.

10. Having your photo taken as a participant:

By participating in the walk, you acknowledge that you are aware that face and/or likeness will be posted all over the internet and elsewhere and that you’re okay with that.

11. Data Use:

By entering your information here, you agree to receive emails from the Geek Crusade regarding upcoming events, giveaway or newsletters on the latest geek news. The Geek Crusade will not allow its advertisers and promotional partners to e-mail you directly by sharing your information with these companies.


By participating in the zombie walk, you do so at your own risk. Despite providing guidelines and trying our best to make sure that everyone has a good time, we are not responsible for your behavior, activities, or actions; including any injuries or trauma that may occur during your participation.

We do ask that you please follow all laws of the Republic of Singapore and please maintain a solid level of courtesy & common sense to refrain from giving the public a negative image of the group. If we see you breaking the law and/or violating these very simple guidelines, you will be asked to leave. If the offense is dangerous or threatening, you will be reported to the nearest policeman.

Again, we’re not trying to be a buzzkill, but we want you to have fun in the most safe & enjoyable manner possible – and we want the public to be entertained by us, not threatened or offended!